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A simple game on a blind man that is lost in a dungeon. You'll stumble upon walls, miss coins on the floor, step on traps and get hurt by different kinds of monsters. The map is 10x10 and there is an exit somewhere. Try getting a high score by ending the game with more hearts, coins and monster kills. Use WASD and press enter after each turn to move.

Install instructions

You'll need python 3 or above (Download Python 3.6) installed on your platform in order to run the game. If you have such, just open the main Mazegame.py file using the program and it will run properly. The map.txt is an optional text file, that isn't needed to play the game. Its only function is if you decide to create a map to aid you through your quest.


TheImpreciseBlindsManGame.py 3 kB
OptionalIndependentGuideMap.txt 517 bytes


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Killer concept!